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Natasha Telfair, CPP

Certified Payroll Professional (CPP), holding degrees in Business Management, Public Policy & Administration, and Accounting. She is experienced in the Payroll industry dealing with acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, accounting, payroll, payroll tax, business Start-Ups, Business Credit, IRS Penalties and Abatements and, more.

As your Business Coach, you will learn the viable information required to start and maintain your business, including continuous process improvement. As your Manifestation Coach, she will help you shift your mindset from impossible to possible, from lack to overflow, from defeated to more than a conqueror.

Our north star at Natasha Telfair INC connects with people to create a society of mutual benefit through teaching business concepts and principles. We want our legacy to be our most significant contribution to society. Our goal is to impart an entrepreneurial spirit: business knowledge, skillsets, and tools in others to create cycles of mutual benefit as we lead, guide, and assist you along the way!

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